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Useful Links:

Virginia Department of Health
Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus, and Procedures Used for Mosquito Surveillance and Control is a slide presentation prepared by David N. Gaines, Ph.D., Public Health Entomologist, Virginia Department of Health - Office of Epidemiology. It provides a comprehensive overview of elements of mosquito control programs written in layman's terms. VDH's web site also contains information on additional (vector borne) diseases carried by mosquitoes.

Center for Disease Control
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a  West Nile Virus Home Page that includes a link to a  CDC publication for transplant recipients about West Nile Virus.   It also has information on mosquito repellents.
The Center for Disease Control also has a page devoted to other vector borne diseases.

Environmental Protection Agency
The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Mosquito Control Home Page contains information about mosquito repellants and allows you to query which skin-applied product best suits your needs.

Virginia Mosquito Control Association
The Virginia Mosquito Control Association has a link to a brochure on Asian Tiger Mosquitoes that was developed by the Fairfax County Health Department.


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