Master Gardeners Committee

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  • Our meetings are usually on the first Monday of each month unless it falls on a holiday. 


2019 Gloucester Master Gardener Officers

  • Bob Beyea, President
  • "Hurricane" Thompson, Vice-President
  • Rose Sullivan, Secretary
  • Betty Durrette, Treasurer
  • Patti McGrath, Member-at-Large
  • Bill Blair, Coordinator*

*The Coordinator serves as a liaison with Virginia Tech and other organizations. They inform the Gloucester Master Gardeners of upcoming horticultural events and provide yearly report information to the Extension Office.

Committee Chairs

  • Abingdon Church Gardens - Nancy Choquette
  • Beaverdam Waterwise Garden - MG interns
  • Daffodil Festival - Rose Sullivan and Henry Thompson
  • Gateway to Gloucester - Brenda Booth
  • Gazette-Journal Column - Susan Camp
  • Guinea Jubilee - Vacant
  • Help Desk - Bill Blair and Wanda Eberle
  • Horticultural Therapy - Carolyn Evans and Ann Gentry
  • Training Class - Bill Blair
  • Newsletter - Janet Gomez
  • Plant Extravaganza - Debbie Bartok-Newton, Ann Gentry, Belinda Hicks
  • Ready, Set, Grow - Anne Markwith
  • Rosewell Cemetery Living Wall - Sandy Pait
  • Website - Bill Walker, Patti McGrath and Ruby Gardner
  • Winter Library Series - "Hurricane" Thompson
  • Woodville Demo Garden - Jim Newton

View a list of officers from previous years (PDF).


The Extension Leadership Council is a diverse group of individuals who work with an ever-changing Extension program. The Council helps identify the needs and concerns of Gloucester, and also shares a commitment to finding solutions, implementing them and evaluating and reporting results.